Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kwame 4 Prez

So the offseason has pretty much come and gone with a lot of noise, but no action. I remember when Kobe first made the get Jerry West request. Then it became the get West or trade me request. Then it became just trade me. My head nearly blew up thinking that the Lakers had to, and were going to do something crazy. KG! J.O.! Kidd! West as a consultant! SOMEBODY? Dan Gadzuric! Popeye Jones! Ice Cube! Air Bud! ANYBODY!??????

God I hate the Lakers front office.

I hate NBA GM's in general. Bunch of pussies.

So here we are, everyone smiling, acting like its cool. Kobe saying he texted Bynum. Bynum saying he never got any texts from Kobe. Kupchak saying he's happy with the team. Half the guys walking in looking like they went through chemotherapy. Fisher walking around looking bizarrely out of place. Oh, and Kwame's stupid ass getting in trouble with the police. MY GOD THIS GUYS IS A FREAKIN' MORON. WOW. By the way, they want to try playing Kwame at 4? Well in the past years he's pretty much admitted that he's to dumb to learn how to play the 4.

So again, here we are. What's this team going to look like. Are we going to make the playoffs? Is team chemistry going to be ok? bLAH Blah BLAH.

The Lakers, if everyone played to their FULLEST potential, could be a contender. Kobe owning like he does. Lamar quiting weed and going for 20-10-5, becoming an all-star for the first time. Bynum growing his facial hair and taking the leap for 15-8 or so. Farmar realizing he's not playing against Ryan Appleby anymore, and therefore stopping the dumb passes, and playing out of his mind defense. Vlad Rad (who seriously has the potential to be a poor man's Dirk), getting his head out of his ass and realizing there is more to life then fouling players and launching 3's. Sasha… he's pretty much played at his potential already. And Kwame. Yes.

Without a doubt, this is not going to happen. Bynum, I doubt is ready to do anything other then sprout hair in his sphincter. L.O. will tease my fantasy team for a week then inevitably get hurt/lose focus. Farmar will become so big headed by his appearance on "Sport Science", that he'll fight with Kobe for control of the the team.

Do the Lakers have the potential to shock some people? Yes. But I am not optimistic. The past 3 years have been quite sad. I'm not going to get my hopes up like I did last year. All I can say is, enjoy every moment with Kobe this year. CHERISH IT! Because it might be the last.

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