Wednesday, September 26, 2007

if this doesnt get done, then i hope Kobe bounces on these morons.

Lets get one thing straight. I hate Shawn Marion. The thing I love most about basketball, is its graceful beauty. Kobe's reverse lay up, Kobe's fade away, Kobe's midrange pull up... Shawn Marion is the opposite. Ugliest shot. Can't dribble. Force and strength instead of touch and grace. Plus the man is ugly as hell. He'll one day be featured in "Annoying Faces of the NBA" no matter what team hes on.


I'd rather have Kobe LO and AK by the way, but I've heard nothing about that happening. What I would give to have Mitch's phone tapped. He's probably calling 1-800-999-tina all day. So now, LO for Marion seems like a real possibility. There are logical reasons why the suns would want odom (versatile, can run the break, can handle the ball, is not marion). But would Marion be right for the Lakers? Is this a lateral move?

Looking purely at the numbers, there is not a huge difference. For the past 3 years, Marion will get you about 4 more points, 1.5 more rebounds, one more steal, and half a block or so more. While Lamar chips in about 3 more assists. One more steal and half a block is kind of a lot as steals and block go, but otherwise big woop. From a pure stats angle, Marion is a marginal upgrade. Hey, Odom wasn't all that bad.

But stats aren't all that. Pippen wasn't exactly putting up 25-10-8 next to MJ (more like 18-8-6). The difference is this. To me, Marion is a legit 2nd option. Lamar is not. The knowledgeable Suns fan will tell you how many key plays Marion has been responsible for. Lamar? His biggest contribution was allowing Marion to grab the rebound in last seconds of Game 6. And I don't even need to tell you what Game 6 I'm talking about. WE ALL KNOW. You think KG lets anyone get a sniff at that ball? OH KG WHY!! Marion makes big plays. He grabs key boards. AND. Marion plays mad D. Now honestly, my images of Marion playing mad D include Kobe jukin' him so hard that he falls down, and Lamar abusing him in the playoffs. If every expert out there didn't whip out their penis' for Marion's D, then I would think very poorly of it. But apparently hes the man. or something. In any case, he's for sure better then Lamar, and if he truly is an All NBA defender, then thats even better.

Now Marion by himself is not gonna take us to the promised land. I have no delusions about that. But the reason I want this trade, is that it is a lot easier to get a 3rd option, then 2nd. If we have Kobe and Marion, we don't need JO, or AK, or KG (though Boston would beg to differ). All we would need then is to find a legit 3rd option. It's a lot easier to trade Mr. Expiring Contract, and Mr. UCLA man with worst tattoo, and change, for someone like Ben Gordon, then KG. I really like Ben by the way. And if somehow, Bynum could divert his attention from "gurlz" and actually grow a set of balls, then maybe he could even be that 3rd option this year. Wouldnt that be great.

In any case, the other reasons I am for this trade are obvious. Lamar never played particularly well with Kobe, and Marion thrives without the ball. Lamar has the mental toughness of Chris Crocker (the "leave britney alone" dude/gal/boy/little girl). Marion, uhm... he's gotta be better then that rite? Fisher knows the triangle and can initiate much better then Smush, taking away some of the need to be having someone like Lamar bring the ball up. Marion would be playing with the fire to convert Nash's MVP into a giant piece of poo. Lamar would be playing with the fire to convert his potential into a giant piece of poo.

Marion's just better. Why the hell wouldn't we do it?

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