Friday, September 7, 2007


Sorry everyone, for the lack of update. I am trying to get my life together.

Phil Jackson has been in the news lately as his Hall of Fame induction has brought him out of his hotbox in Montana. I love Phil Jackson. He’s like a mother figure to me. When he’s around, I know everything is going to be ok. Lakers down 0-2 to San Antonio? Phil’s not panicking, why should I? The other team goes on a 15-2 run? Phil’s chillin’. I will too.

Nothing has been done to improve the team. WHY!? You can float a lot of theories out there. The power struggle, the father-son dynamic, the ineptitude of Mitch, the secret plan to trade Kobe, etc. etc. I don’t really know. You don’t know. All the other bloggers and sports talk show guys are just floating out their own opinions. Vic the Brick, by the way, well… he deserves his own post someday.

In any case, it’s looking more and more like the current team is the team we’re going to have for the rest of the year, and that worries me. Why? Not so much because I look at the roster and already see Steve Nash walking happily off the court after beating the Lakers in the round 1 again. Not so much because Sasha and Cook are still on the team. Not even because this could be Kobe’s last year. I’m worried cuz Phil seems worried. Phil does not seem to have a whole lot of trust in the roster as composed. Phil doesn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in the front office. Phil doesn’t seem to think that Bynum is going to be close to ready in the next year, or that Odom is going to make the questions about a legit second option a moot point. Phil is not happy. That makes me very uneasy.

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Allen said...

This season is not going to be mediocre. It's either going to suck balls, or be the opposite of sucking balls.