Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kobe Vs Lebron

I'll admit it. I suck on Kobe's teat with the best of em. I am an unabashed Kobe apologist. I want Kobe to succeed and no one else. ESPN's Chris Broussard says Lebrons better then Kobe? After watching him have one hot shooting night in the playoffs against Detroit? Please. If Detroit played D on Kobe like they did on Lebron, the game would've never gone to OT. Most pathetic defense I've ever seen. Kobe is an ego maniac whos a big baby? oh, and Lebron is not? Please. You think Lebron signed that three year deal in Cleveland, and not the max five year deal so that he could NOT bizounce if the Cavs suck balls by then? Please. Lebron made Daniel Gibson a hot three point shooter? Please. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Lebron is douche. A douche who chews his fingernails that probably have doo doo butter on them. If Kobe called himself king and came out on the ESPY's on a throne, oh my Lord, the haters out there would have a brain aneurysm. Lebron is a great player (mostly due to his God given talent more then anything else). But Mr. Global Icon, he just as big an ass as the next guy.

and I wrote this after watching Lebron dominate like a beast last night, and secretly getting worried that the divide may be shrinking as Lebron gets better, and Kobe gets older and can't finish a wide open dunk where he has to jump without running. Oh it makes me sad.

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Allen said...

Don't worry man, Kobe re-established his position as the most skilled player on the planet with last night's game against Fartgentina. Against tougher competition, Kobe will shine. Lebron's got to learn he can't just rely on his athleticism against better players. Work on that footwork, son!