Monday, August 27, 2007

Annoying Faces of the NBA pt. 1

There are a lot of guys in the nba who's faces I would like to punch. And some so annoying it makes me want to punch myself. Being a Laker fan, most of these guys will come from hated rivals such as phoenix, or san antonio (though brian cook's stupid ass blank look drives me insane too). Throughout the season I will try and update this series with other players, of which Mike Bibby is high on my list. But for today, because of the FIBA tournament going on, I will begin with that son of a bitch Leandro Barbosa.

Damn I hate this foo. Looks like some lizard, teenage mutant ninja turtle hybrid. Your shot is ugly too son. Stop taking cues from Shawn Marion (who should also be on this list, though will not be because he seems to suck in the playoffs against the lakers so i love him). Every time they showed a closeup of lizard man after he would blow by Smush (definitely gonna be on the list) for an easy ass lay up, I would swear at the damn tv. If someone is gonna carve us up, they should be good looking. Like Emeka Okafor. If he tore us up, maybe I wouldn't mind so much. Instead, it has to be guys like Bibby, Manu, and Steve Blake.

Your face is whack "Leandrinho" (I got that off the nba site. Weird)


Brandon said...

goot one

Allen said...

Bibby's voice is crazy, too. He sounds like Kermit the Frog.

Robby said...

Barbosa has one of the best faces in the NBA. The guy always looks like he just heard a funny joke or just got given a gift he didn't deserve.

He's got too much love in his life. That's his face's only problem.